Tolkien Trail (7 miles)

One of Lancashire's most popular trails - 2½ hour walk (6.7 miles).

Click GPS MAP (above) for directions.

You can walk the famous Tolkien Trail in any direction. Either start at The Shireburn Arms car park and walk down through the fields behind the hotel towards the river ... or ... start opposite the War Monument in the centre of the village and walk towards Stonyhurst College through Warren Fold. If this is your first visit we recommend using the GPS map (above) and you won't miss any of this wonderful walk!

There are fields, steps, hills and paths which require good walking boots at certain times of year. Be prepared, there are some woodland steps to climb along the way - take your time and enjoy the adventure. Allow 2½-3 hours to complete the 6.7 mile Tolkien Trail walk and finish your journey at the Shireburn Arms, Bayleys Arms or Millie's Cafe for refreshments.


  • START AT THE WAR MEMORIAL in the centre of Hurst Green (opposite Millie's Cafe). You will see the sign WARREN FOLD opposite the Memorial - walk [150 METRES] along this road onto the fields. Walk a further [200 METRES] towards SMITHY ROW COTTAGES then turn right. Follow the path [800 METRES] towards Stonyhurst School keeping FOX FALL WOOD on your left.

  • STONYHURST CATHOLIC SCHOOL [20 mins from start]: After FOX FALL WOOD go through wooden gate and turn right towards Stonyhurst School OBSERVATORY. Continue along this track [150 METRES] until you reach HALL BARNS FARM. Turn left and walk [600 METRES] towards KNOWLE BROW. Cross the main road and immediately opposite/left follow the farm track [350 METRES] until you reach OVER HACKING WOOD. Now turn RIGHT into the field. Keeping the woods on your left walk [350 METRES] until you reach a gate/stile. Go into the woods and follow path [250 METRES] down to the STONE BRIDGE. Cross the stone bridge and walk up the hill [200 METRES] towards HODDER COURT.

  • HODDER COURT [1 hour from start]: Continue past Hodder Court and walk [150 METRES] down towards the RIVER HODDER. Go through gate into field and follow path [1000 METRES] until you reach the main road.

  • CROMWELL BRIDGE [1 hour 15 mins from start]: Turn RIGHT at Longridge Road and walk [420 METRES] up to KNOWLES BROW bus stop. Go through the gate opposite the bus stop and walk [200 METRES] towards SPRING WOOD. Keeping the woods on your left walk another [450 METRES] towards PIGGERIES PEN and go through gate. Turn LEFT and walk [500 METRES] down the private road to WINCKLEY HALL FARM - walk through the farm to the River Ribble footpath.

  • RIVER RIBBLE FOOTPATH [1 hour 40 mins from start]: Follow river footpath [2000 METRES] to JUMBLES ROCKS (WEIR). Continue along path [1500 METRES] to RAID DEEP WOODS. Walk through gate into woods and follow path [100 METRES] to the small wooden bridge. Finally walk up the field [600 METRES] towards Hurst Green and finish at The Shireburn Arms car park.



Please note: The Tolkien Trail is not signposted and it is easy to get lost without a map. Download the map onto your phone before starting.

Click button above to follow walks using Google Maps. You will need GPS LOCATION enabled.

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